Horse Cremation

Equine Cremation Horse Cremation

Horse Owners in Nevada and the surrounding states can now choose dignified whole-horse cremation services for their equine companion. Craig Road Pet Cemetery and Crematory now has the ability to cremate horses in our state of art equine crematory. This crematory was designed from the ground up to be able to perform cremations for horses the same way as they are performed for people, employing our always high standards. We also have the ability to provide gentle removal from your home, or equine boarding facility.

Private Horse Cremation

Horse is cremated alone in the crematory. NO other animals are present during the process. The cremated remains are then retrieved, processed, and returned to the owner in a wooden urn with a personalized nameplate. Upgraded photo urns are available for an additional fee.

Memorial Horse Cremation

Horse is cremated along with other pets and resulting cremated remains are scattered over the cemetery grounds. Pick up charges would apply for us to remove your companion.

If there is a need for us to remove your companion, it will be an additional charge of $150.00 in the Las Vegas Valley area. Outside of the Vegas Valley area will be an additional $50.00 for pick-up. Weekends and holidays are the same cost of $200.00 for the pick-up.

What Our Customers Say:

My baby Kaylee was cremated at your place of rest on 8-29-19. I wanted to express my thank you for treating her so well. My heart was filled when I saw her, the beautiful ‘Rainbow Bridge’ poem and her hair and paw print… I was elated. You did a fabulous job of respecting our baby, Kaylee, of 15 years!! It was so classy and professional, I opened everything with calmness, but each time I would cry with happiness.

Much gratitude and respect!

Dawn Quinn, Paul Wommer and Frank Masseo

Kaylee thanks you, as well, from Heaven.

Dawn Quinn, Paul Wommer and Frank Masseo