From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you! During such a hard time as picking up your pet’s remains…it’s horrible. You guys did such a small detail that comforted me so much. My dog was multi-colored(red & black) and someone had the love to make sure they made a clipping of both. That really gave me so much respect for whoever handled my dog. I felt my dog was treated respectfully with love and an empathetic heart. Thank you all for the wonderful and amazing job.


Hello, Today we received the remains of our English Bulldog, Carly. She was given to you by our vet, Dr. Michelle, at South Buffalo Animal Hospital. I know you hear this often, but she meant so much to us. To let her go was the ultimate act of love that we could show for her. We wanted to thank you for taking care of our beloved Carly. We especially loved the different color furs you included with her remains…that was a very special touch. Knowing that she was in good hands and taken care of the rest of the way by you all, it just makes it easier. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Barbara and Bill Vest

Barbara and Bill Vest

My baby Kaylee was cremated at your place of rest on 8-29-19. I wanted to express my thank you for treating her so well. My heart was filled when I saw her, the beautiful ‘Rainbow Bridge’ poem and her hair and paw print… I was elated. You did a fabulous job of respecting our baby, Kaylee, of 15 years!! It was so classy and professional, I opened everything with calmness, but each time I would cry with happiness.

Much gratitude and respect!

Dawn Quinn, Paul Wommer and Frank Masseo

Kaylee thanks you, as well, from Heaven.

Dawn Quinn, Paul Wommer and Frank Masseo

Thank you, from Money Mike. You do good stuff, thanks for that. With all our Love, take care and God Bless.

Shirley, Debbie, Ginger and Kim
Ft. Mohave, Arizona

Shirley, Debbie, Ginger and Kim

To all the wonderful staff at Craig Road Pet Cemetery, Throughout the years you have been kind, thoughtful and respectful to all our clients that have come your way. Then there comes the time for sending you one of our own family members. The amount of caring and compassion that the entire staff showed myself and my dog "Diesel" was over whelming and I wanted to thank you all so much!

Sincerely, Kim, LVT

Desert Pines Equine Center

Dear Craig Road Pet Cemetery,

As sad as we are to have lost our precious Felix (who was a girl!), we were absolutely delighted to receive the beautiful presentation of her remains, which we got from Inspirada Animal Hospital, yesterday. Many thanks, great love and respect go into the work you do!

Jenny Q. Schmitz

To the people at the Pet Cemetery: We just wanted to send this card which is so appreciated for what you did for Maximus Desmus. He was everything to me, you know he was 21 years old. I brought him home from Alaska, his brother died 8 years ago, he has been lost since then. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent care you guys gave him. The paw box was so adorable, I cried for a week straight, I am still crying. The pine box is so beautiful, the poem says it all. Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts.

Thank You

Dear Staff,

Our Family appreciates the wonderful job you did with taking care of our beloved Titan. We never expected the beautiful cedar box with a nameplate, his paw print in clay and the collage with his paw print, hair, a place for his picture and the Rainbow Bridge poem. It all touched our hearts deeply. These will all be treasured forever.

Thank you, The Raddatz Family

The Raddatz Family

We have called on your services many times in the past and never followed up with a thank you, so from the bottom of our hearts, "THANK YOU" for what you do. Thank you for always being there when we need you.

James and Kristina Threats "Coco" 2019

Heartfelt thanks for taking care of my sweet cat, Levi, on July 19th. He was the joy of my life and his passing was so very hard. When I came in that day, Laura was exceedingly kind to me and helped find Levi’s cremains so he could go home with me. The services you provide are vital to pet parents and caregivers in our Vegas home and much appreciated. I want to pass on some of the love that existed between my boy, Levi, and me. God bless and thank you!!

M Elaine Thornton